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About Elizabeth Williams Bushey

cloud, sky, and cartoon ladybug, with caption: "ladybug, ladybug, fly away home."

Yes: it’s Elizabeth Williams Bushey.
Three names, like a serial killer.

If that helps? Maybe not…

Elizabeth Williams Bushey

That little ladybug you see above (at least, if I built this web site correctly you do) is what started what I now view my “real life.

NOT what my parents wanted me to do

Not what any professor advised.

Not what any online test assessed my capability for, or any quiz revealed.

Not what paid well. (Ha, take THAT! It pays nothing. See who get the last laugher, um)

Just something I did. Because I wanted to: it made me happy, and most of all, I felt PURPOSEFUL

Voldemort contemplating drawing ladybugs as perhaps his own dark purpose...

It happened JUST like this. See how following your inner self can transform your OUTER self? I now have a nose.


Now I do whatever I want, and nobody is the boss of me.


In fact? I do a lot of stuff, which makes me a polymath; odd term, since none of those things HAVE to be math … but not so odd specifically for me, since I DO like math.

So much so, I encourage kids (especially GIRLS) to learn it on my web site for kids:, and even write fun songs about it on my MUSIC site for kids,

There isn’t a lot of stuff I don’t like, to be honest.

Except liver and onions. That stuff is GROSS. My mother tricked me into trying it once as a kid by telling me it was chocolate meat; THAT betrayal still smarts.

Although I still have a home in New York, and family in Georgia, I currently live in California with three daughters, two dogs, & one long-haired black cat.

For now.

Any other questions? Check out the other pages, or ask me.


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